Greatest gift we can give ourselves


A new year is a new beginning, something to look forward to. At this time of the year, we generally take stock of year gone by and plan for the year ahead, and how we can improve in various aspects of our lives. As we resolve to improve physically, mentally, emotionally, and intellectually, we should not forget most important arena – the spiritual arena. If our spirit is healed, we will be well in all other arenas. So, we need to focus on those activities that will heal our spirit.
The main reason we have come into this world is to know ourselves. The more we focus on what is truly important, the better use we will be making of this precious opportunity that God has given us, to realise ourselves at the level of the soul.
We need to focus on our greatest gift – the gift of this human birth. Living at the level of our physical senses, we believe that the input received through our senses is all we can experience. We spend our time searching for lasting joy and happiness in this transient world, little realising that there are spiritual worlds beyond this earth. This world is a reflection of these spiritual worlds, which are within us and exist concurrently with the physical world.
Living in this physical world, shrouded by layers of illusion, we have forgotten our true essence. As we embark on the spiritual journey, and listen to words of saints and mystics, we awaken to the reality of our human existence.Just as there are many channels of a television, the channel of the Divine is available to us at all times.
Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

We just need to take our attention away from the channel of physical world and direct it towards this channel. We can do this through meditation. In meditation we can experience the divine light and sound of Supreme. We can bask in divine light, as much as we bask in the outer sunshine here on earth.
Our time in this existence is an opportunity given to us by the Supreme. Having experienced our divine nature, we find oneness of our soul with the creator. The process, by which, we can experience ourselves is called meditation. In meditation, we take our attention away from the world outside and focus it within. Journeying within, the reality of who we are, becomes clear to us; our perspective changes and we begin to embrace our oneness with the Supreme and all of creation. Then we recognise that we are conscious beings. This is what the saints and spiritual masters call enlightenment.
Meditation takes our attention away from the world outside and focusses it within ourselves. It heals the spirit. We all need to meditate plenty and put in as much time as possible into our spiritual practices in the new year, it will bring progress in leaps and bounds. May the grace of God be with each of you in abundance in the new year. May this year be one in which all aspects of our life get better, and we pay more attention to the most important aspect of life, the spiritual aspect.
Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj


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