GMC Jammu organises motivational lecture on ‘super positivity’



JAMMU: To inculcate the feeling of positivity among the medical students, Govt. Medical College Jammu on Saturday organized a motivational lecture on how to become a super positive doctor.
Vikrant Mahajan was the motivational speaker on the occasion.
Dr. Shashi Sudhan Sharma, Principal GMC & AH was the Chief Guest, while Dr. Sheetal Singh, Ex Principal GMC Srinagar was the guest of honour on the occasion.
Vikrant Mahajan, in his speech, talked about the need for ushering in super positivity and denoted doctors as a givers and enablers of life. He said a doctor should be infinite in his approach. He spoke about five principals named ALIVE for becoming a positive person in life.
He told students that the first step to become a super positive person is to aim for excellence. He motivated students to accept the truth and transform the reality. He asked students to don’t let the system to decide what they want in their life.
He said that to stay positive it is necessary to have love for the Profession . He motivated them to improve more and more in life and never feel hesitant to excel.
In his speech he said a positive person raises oneself upto the challenge. We should fight against negativity by ushering in super positivity and by being thankful to the God. He motivated the future doctors to give positivity to the patients so that they feel better.
Dr. Sheetal Singh in his speech said that positivity and negativity are the sides of the same coin. We should conquer our failures. He said ” Be a good doctor and most of the good things in life will follow”.
Divyanshi Mahajan and Kartik Gupta from MBBS first year also shared their views on positivity. The program was attended by HOD’s, members of the faculty, administrative officers, parents of motivational speaker Vikrant Mahajan and students of first year MBBS. The vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Ashok Sharma, Coordinator Medical Education unit (MEU).


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