Ghagwal’s water crisis resolved


SAMBA: DDC Member from Ghagwal Suresh Kumar solved the problem of drinking water as he made the 4 hand pumps functional by making them repair.
It is pertinent to mention that Suresh Kumar is very popular among youth because of his very simple but helpful attitude among the mass. He always remain ready in the service of people.
As the summer has already approached and the heat during the day time is gaining , Suresh Kumar has called the PHE Mechanic and made the hand pumps of Chhan Malangra, Chhan Samotra, Ragguchak and Harsath Mohalla Jarud, functional by giving expanses from his pocket. He told that it is his duty as a public representative to solve the basic problems of his own people.
He further told that electricity, water and road connectivity are the basic necessities of the people and he is also serious to solve these basic issues of the people. Mohendra Kumar from Chhan Somotra, Balbir Singh from Ragguchak thanked the efforts of DDC Member Suresh Kumar and told that now people of their villages will get the clean drinking water.