Gear as much as safeguard nation in opposition to exterior, inner threats: Lt Gen Saini to cadets


Dehradun: Vice Chief of the Army Staff Lt Gen SK Saini on Saturday asked cadets passing out of the Indian Military Academy (IMA) here to be prepared to rise to challenging situations where they will be repeatedly called upon to safeguard the country’s territorial integrity against external and internal threats.

He also asked the cadets to keep abreast with technological changes which are perennially on the fast track.

Progress in warfare and technology should go hand in hand, Lt Gen Saini said while addressing them as the reviewing officer of the passing out parade.

“It is just the beginning. I see uncertainty, competition and confrontation on the horizon. You may face situations where you will be repeatedly called upon to safeguard the country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty against external and internal threats,” he said.

The Lt General said “amid weapon proliferation, non-state actors pedalling conflict and expansionist global ideology, we have to strive hard to keep the peace and uphold the rule of law”.

“I am confident that you will rise to the challenge,” he said.

The vice chief of army staff asked cadets to become knowledge warriors, fully equipped with digital tools, but remember that the man behind the gun retains his prime importance.

Lt Gen Saini said the high standards of training received at the IMA has equipped them to be effective leaders of men but underlined the importance of character in the profession.

“Once a poor character is exposed to the troops there is no second chance to correct,” he said and asked them not to give in to vices like anger, arrogance and jealousy.

The Lt General said the passing out cadets had become members of the world’s finest army and they had to uphold its reputation by dedicating themselves to protecting the country’s honour with a deep sense of commitment.

“The expectation of an entire nation is on you,” he said.

In total, 325 cadets became part of the Indian Army on Saturday after a colourful passing out parade carried out on the IMA’s drill square with the historic Chetwode Building in the backdrop.

Seventy cadets from friendly neighbouring countries also passed out from the IMA on Saturday to become part of the armies of their respective countries. (PTI)


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