GDC Vijaypur organises literary competition on ‘Dogra Folk Culture & Literature’



VIJAYPUR: Dogri is a northern Indo-Aryan language spoken by about five million people in India, chiefly in the Jammu region of Union-Territory of Jammu & Kashmir.
22 December 2003 is a major milestone for Dogri language because on that day Dogri was recognised as a National language of India in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian constitution which is a matter of pride for all Dogras.
From that day it is celebrated as ‘Dogri Manta Divas’ every year.
To commemorate the day Department of Dogri, Government Degree College (GDC) Vijaypur organized Literary Competition on “Dogra Folk Culture and Literature”.
The objective of the competition was that both folklore and literature are parts of culture, produced or created by cultural beings.
Their study expands over knowledge of its makers and its processor, their creative processes and strategies, their material function.
The first position was shared by Sonika Devi of GDC Ramgarh and Abhay Kumar of GDC Vijaypur; second position was shared by Sumit Kumar of MAM PG College Jammu, Jasvinder Singh of GDC Vijaypur and Shakshi Verma of GDC Akhnoor while the third position was shared by Ritu Devi of Deptt. Of Dogri University of Jammu and Priya Devi of GDC Ramgarh.
The Consolation was given to Vinod Kumar of DDE, University of Jammu.
The Jury comprised of Dr. Kuldeep Singh and Sonia Bhagat of GDC Vijaypur.
Dr. Sangeeta Sudan, Principal of the College thanked all the participants for showcasing their creative talent in the competition and appreciated their potential and ideas.
She further addressed that it is a matter of pride that Dogri language was included in the eighth schedule after a long period of struggle and now when it has received recognition it become our duty to take care of it and for this we have to pledge for taking this language forward by joining hands together.
The whole event was coordinated by Head Deptt. Of Dogri, Dr. Sunil Kumar Mangoch. E- Certificates were awarded to all the winners.


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