GDC Chenani initiates survey on research project awarded by JKSTIC


CHENANI: Govt. Degree College, Chenani initiated the work on the research project entitled “Hydro-chemical impact assessment, study of anthropogenic pressure and mass public awareness on protection of Devika stream and adjoining underground sources of water (Bowlis) at Dist. Udhampur, (J&K)” awarded to the College by the J&K Science, Technology and Innovation Council, Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of J&K. The Principal Investigator of the Project, Dr. Pragya Khanna visited the proposed research area along with her team.
The purpose of the research project is to create awareness to restore the holy Devika stream and its ecosystem as the water body and the environment is being polluted by multiple sources. The team identified the key sources of pollution, viz., poor land use, unplanned construction in the surrounding, discharge of untreated sewage, organic waste, polythene bags&temple discards into the water, over-exploitation of the water body andanthropogenic pressure, coupled with weak local authority services &control and awareness issues.
Despite of a lot of efforts of the Govt. this sacred river is still grappling with water pollution coming from residential areas situated nearby it.The same group of researchers about a decade ago have already proven that high rate of discharge, poor management of dumping of solid and liquid wastes into the potable water, and lack of strict enforcement of law are the major causes of deterioration of the water quality in the area. Water quality of Devika continues to be below the accepted minimum standards, just class -B as also the colour of its water and the smell too are below the accepted standards. If the same is not checked now, it would be too late to get this river out of the morass it has been ‘pushed ‘into.
The present study will provide bio-monitoring and health assessment and will help in the analysis of health hazard evaluations, epidemiologic, intervention and prevention, environmental measurement and other investigations. Also, it shall provide technical assistance to the government agencies, private industry, and general public regarding the toxicological aspects of different chemicals/toxins present in water.
Dr. Pragya Khanna, PI of the Project said that the findings from this survey could be used to detect disease risk factors for public health prevention policies and programs. She further added that the project would be divided intofive (5) important phases, project initiation, project planning, project execution, project monitoring, and project closure. Since the area serves the purposes of addingaesthetical value, water conservation and groundwater recharge, green space,recreational hotspots, temperature regulation,biodiversity hotspot, besides economic benefits to the locals, it is imperative to protect it in the urban environment of the Udhampur town.This preliminary perception survey was conducted with the purpose of using limited resources and time to better understand the technical, logistical, training and other needs required for the formal performance to be planned and executed during the project implementation.