GDC Chenani commemorates National Mathematics Day



CHENANI: Govt. Degree College, Chenani organized an event in two phases in blended mode (online and offline) to commemorate the National Mathematics Day, the first phase of which was held on 10th Feb. 2021 and the second phase culminated on 13th Feb. 2021. The program was sponsored by JK Science Technology and Innovation Council, Department of Science and Technology, JK.
The theme of the event for the Phase II was “Importance of Mathematics in Daily Life”. The program was planned essentiallyto encourage and enable students to develop mathematical curiosity and use inductive and deductive reasoning when solving problems.The program was also aimed to discuss real life applications of Mathematics in day today life from our kitchen to airplanes, satellites, robotics, medicine etc.
The Resource persons of the program were Dr. MeeruAbrol, Principal GDC, Ramgarh, Dr. Ajay Kumar Sharma, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, GDC, Udhampur, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, Govt. College for Women, Udhampur and Dr. Ravinder Kumar, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, GDC, Udhampur. They emphasized that the Mathematics is of practical value in many professions. Mathematical knowledge and processes are useful outside the workplace in everyday life to understand and interpret certain events and news reports so as not to be deceived or swayed by others’ opinions without any reasonable basis.They also explained that teachers should impress upon their students the usefulness of mathematics in their daily life, and they should prepare their students for the future by focusing on the essential skills and processes that are required in the workplace.
Dr. Pragya Khanna, Principal of the College added that Mathematics occupies a crucial and unique role in the human societies and represents a strategic key in the development of the whole mankind. The ability to compute, related to the power of technology and to the ability of social organization, and the geometrical understanding of space-time, that is the physical world and its natural patterns, show the role of Mathematics in the development of a Society. Dr. Pragya Khanna also opined that the program was held to commemorate the birth anniversary of the Indian Mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan for his substantial contributions to the world of mathematics.
Students of the College also accentuated the importance of Mathematics. They emphasized that mathematics helps in creating spending budgets, paying for groceries, buying things on sale, and cooking meals all have to deal with math in some way or another.
The Organizing Secretary of the program was Dr. Ajaz Ahmad Dar, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mathematics GDC, Chenani.


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