GDC Bhadarwah organises National Youth Day Utsav



BHADARWAH: GDC Bhadarwah organized National Youth Day 2021 Utsav from 12 to 16 January 2021 with fervour and gaiety. The students and staff were invited to the event for live interaction on January 16, 2021.The students participated essay Competition from 12-14 Jan on Contributions of Swami Vivekananda /Role of Youth in Nation Building and in Quiz on Swami Vivekananda on 16th Jan.
The live Interaction was made through Webex Meet for Paper Presentation by students/staff on the Topic: National Youth Day. Chandan Kotwal, Inesha, Sheetal, Komal and Sandeep presented the papers in the event. The Resource Person for the Utsav was Prof Surinder Singh Parihar who made the power point presentation on the life and teachings of Swamiji.He highlighted that Swami taught the world love, respect, tolerance, help and acceptance.
Swami in his Chicago speech in 1893 introduced Santana philosophy to the world. He advocated for equality ,humanity and Spirituality Speaking on the occasion Principle of the College, Dr Kuldeep Kumar Sharma, congratulated the students and the staff for organising the event He appreciated the students for their excellent presentation during the session and active participation in different activities of the said event. The event ended with a vote of thanks proposed by Sandeep.


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