GCPF demands equal rights, equal laws for all citizens



JAMMU: To discuss various issues confronting general category people, the General Category People’s Forum (GCPF) Jammu organised a meeting under leadership of its Chairman Raj Kumar Banathia on Wednesday. The main focus of discussion was on evil effects of divisive politics based on caste, class and religion.
While addressing the meeting, Yash Paul Sanson, President of Forum condemned neglect and suppression of general category people which included Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and others by political leadership, denying them their legitimate share in socio-economic and political spheres through illegal continuation of reservation without any review and restricting application of fundamental rights of majority community. Sanson urged the Government of India to undertake legal measures for restoring a place of equality, justice and dignity to all citizens by abolishing reservation and removing restrictions imposed on application of fundamental rights. He demanded equal rights and equal laws for all citizens and asked the Government of India for consistent endeavours to protect and promote welfare of poor, needy and deserving families of all caste and religions.
Som Nath Sharma, General Secretary alleged that elected Government has no will-power to settle various issues and problems arising out of existing reservation-policy. Govt till date has no data of people who availed benefits of reservation and has failed to end reservation, he said, demanding total review of existing reservation so that its benefits reach to poor deserving families of all castes and religions.
V K Sharma, Vice-President said that freezing of DA of Government employees and pensioners is an arbitrary, insensitive, inhuman & anti-middle class and demanded defreezing of the same. He warned the government against the caste-based discriminatory policies being adopted by it.
Bhushan Pargal, Deepak Khajuria, Dr Bansi Lal, Gopal Dass Verma and Jagdish Dogra appealed to the government to safeguard interests of common masses.


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