Fighting Coronavirus


Coronavirus is the biggest epidemic in the last hundred years. It is the worldwide pandemic and is threatening the whole humanity and is devouring the precious human lives. The nation is fighting the invisible enemy and all of us should co-operate the government in its fight with the coronavirus.
The nation is fighting the en enemy with determination and courage and in this fight we will be winners. We are fighting the second wave of coronavirus this time. But some political parties are making a political capital out of this epidemic and work at the cross roads with the government and this is very unfortunate and disturbing indeed and should be condemned by all of us. The doctors, the nurses and the whole medical fraternity are helping the government in its fight with the coronavirus. They risk their precious lives while fighting the virus. Not only the medical fraternity but other frontline warriors are working in the direction of the containment of the COVID-19.
All such warriors deserve our appreciation and gratitude. Besides these frontline warriors, the farmers of the country are toiling day and night and provide much needed food to the countrymen amid COVID and their role is next to none in the nations fight.
The farmers deserve our appreciation as they produced record production of food grains. The government procured record food grains during the epidemic. While the government is busy fighting the war against the coronavirus all of us should supplement the governmental efforts of combating the virus. However it is an irony and is very disturbing that the various political parties are not co-ordinating with the government but instead working in the different directions and thus trying to be stumbling block in the war against the virus.
The enemy of COVID virus is strong enough and no leniency should be made as the invisible enemy is not under control but is very active and is staring us in the face and as such we should not take any chance but work in unison to defeat the virus. The nation’s political parties, opposition parties and the general public also should work jointly in the direction of weakening the enemy of coronavirus. All of these should realise their responsibilities and work to minimise the danger to the human lives and come out victorious in this battle. But the only condition is that all should come forward and work to defeat the monster with will, determination and courage.
Though the government is working to control the effects of the covid19 with courage and determination but some of us work against the governmental efforts of combating the deadly virus and this is the tragedy and should this should be guarded against. But here we are lacking and this should not happen and no slackness should be shown in fighting the virus. The governmental efforts of fighting the virus should be supplemented by the opposition political parties and they should do no politics over the deadly virus and should do constructive politics in the interest of the country. As the countries opposition has a great role to play in fighting the man made virus and thus the opposition should realise its responsibility and work to strengthen the hands of the government in its fight with the deadly virus. The fight with the virus is very challenging job and it is in the interest of the people to fight the virus to save the precious human lives otherwise people will continue to fall prey to the monster of coronavirus.
All the political parties, the opposition and the general public should sink their differences and work to fight the deadly virus so that it can be defeated in the shortest possible time. Therefore no stone should be left unturned to contain the disease.
This is no easy task but is very challenging and it requires united approach to fight back the virus otherwise people will continue to be threatened by the COVID virus and the human lives will be at a risk.
The enemy is strong enough we should be very cautious, careful and vigilant and fight the enemy to the end. Therefore what is required is the joint effort of all the stakeholders so that the enemy is not allowed to raise its ugly head but is head on defeated and this is in the interest of the common man. The third wave of coronavirus is not far off and the nation should be well prepared to deal with it and the experts are of the opinion that the third wave will be more dangerous than the second wave and therefore we should well prepare for meeting the challenge of the third wave.
The people should wear masks, regularly sanitise and maintain social distance and not venture outside except if it is very necessary. In brief all of us should contribute our bit in this Mahayagha to contain the virus and in this lies the good of all. We should take all precautions and follow all standing operating procedures.