FDB initiates large scale Bamboo drive, ‘Awaaz’ join hands


Bhadarwah: To promote and give boost to the Minister of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER), Dr Jatinder Singh’s Bamboo Cultivation and augmentation project in Jammu and Kashmir, Forest department joins hands with local NGOs to encourage large scale bamboo plantation in additional district Bhadarwah.
Forest Division Bhadarwah(FDB) engaged local NGO ‘AWAAZ’ and along with their volunteers sowed 5000 seed balls of bamboo in Malsoo hills of Neeru Range opposite famous tourist destination lake view Resort Gatha.
NGO also adopted the portion of the degraded hill where bamboo balls were sowed and will look after the rehabilitation of the now desolate part to bring it back to life.
DFO Bhadarwah Chander Shekhar said that Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) Dr Jatinder Singh in a meeting in August last year gave emphasis to develop Bamboo clusters in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir. Working on the initiative, we started sowing seed balls of indigenous species ‘dendrocalamus strictus’ also known as male bamboo or Calcutta bamboo to boost the cultivation of Bamboo in different parts of Bhadarwah especially on barren portion of hills as this year’s theme of International forest day is ‘Forest restoration: a path to recovery and wellbeing’.
“The aim to boost it’s cultivation is to increase green cover in degraded portions as well as to generate employment opportunities, which can not be achieved without the participation of locals,” DFO added, saying, “to achieve our goal to make growing of Bamboo a success in this part of the UT, we have joined hands with Awaaz NGO, who beside sowing 5000 seed balls, has adopted a portion of hill in Neeru range opposite Lake view resort Gatha.”
“Chairman Awaaz, Rashid Choudhary said that to increase the green cover in the barren portions especially near tourist spots, we(Awaaz) in collaboration with Forest and FPF started massive sowing of seed balls of Bamboo in degraded portions in Bhadarwah. Beside we have also adopted a portion near Lake view resort Gatha and soon we will start cactus plantation there.
It is notable that more than 15000 seed balls have been sowed in Rainda and Malsoo hills.