Exams and restoration of 4G in J&K


Dear Editor,

The internet and mobile telephone services were completely suspended on the mid-night of 5 August, 2019 to prevent any trouble by mischief-mongers in protest against abrogation of the constitutional provision. However, 2G internet and SMS services were thereafter gradually provided to consumers. It’s now more than 500 days that we are without 4G mobile internet.
Youth, in particular, is demanding restoration of 4G and the issue is trending as people in Jammu were questioning that why was the peaceful area being punished by snapping the services here.
The students and teachers in Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir are finding it tough to keep up with the pace of their counterparts in other states owing to low-speed internet as schools have started online classes to help students during the COVID-19 lockdown. The schools are using different kinds of digital modes to connect with students for saving their crucial academic year and continue with studies, but due to the restricted internet speed, teachers are finding it hard to take online classes as there is only 2G internet speed available in the Union Territory.
I am a teacher and I face numerous problems when it comes to the teaching-learning process through online classes. Due to the slow internet speed, at times I’m not able to connect my class or students may find it difficult to come online. Due to this, the children are also suffering as they are not able to conceptualise any topic clearly and now with examination few weeks away it has become difficult to teach and study with 2G mobile internet services.
The students are unable to surf through any videos which can help clear their doubts more efficiently. When teachers send assignment or link to visit, they feel like sticking to the screens of phones or laptops waiting long for a page to open or download any document. It is inversely affecting eye-sights and wasting precious time as well.
4G internet in two districts is running successfully and no untoward incident happened then why 4G is not restored in Jammu? Jammu is a peace loving region and students here are suffering without any reason? Why we pay for 4G and get 2G services? Our hard earned money is getting wasted.
The youth in Jammu is missing a lot of opportunities and is unable to compete with the youth of other states owing to unavailability of the high-speed internet services. While others are discussing 5G we are still stuck with 2G. Government must understand that high-speed internet is not a luxury but it’s a necessity in today’s world.
Students, commercial houses, traders, businessmen, professionals and media fraternity have also incurred losses worth crores over past 11 months due to non-restoration of 4G internet services.
Since, the examinations are near and students need to study and prepare for exams, it is a humble to request the LG to restore 4G mobile internet services in Jammu so that students do not suffer any more.
Sham Sharma,


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