Examination stress: A psychological barrier


It is believed that life is a test. No doubt during the life time every individual faces lot of ups and downs. Some people face these difficulties of life bravely, while some remain confused in these problems. Those who get troubled by these difficulties feels stressful and tense in their entire. As a result a feeling of depression and sadness imbibes in their mind. Similarly during examination days mostly students suffer from this problem of stress and psychological pressure. These are mostly those students who couldn’t manage their time-table in a proper way. The students with weak will-power and strength comes in this category. Why students feels stressful during their examination days? Why there is psychological pressure on students minds during such crucial hour of life? There are a lot of reasons behind this psychological pressure, depression and weaknesses of students. We have seen that mostly students enjoy their whole session of study in a very comfortable way without any management of time and work. As a result during examination days due to their improper preparation, they feel stressful and in trouble. Moreover the pressure of competition and over expectations of their parents make the things more vulnerable for them. Now a days as we know we are living in a age of competition. Every parent wants that his /her child get the topmost position in every field of their life. In this blind race of competition and performance we generally ignore the talent and calibre of our child. When we expect that our child get the success in every field of their life then ignorantly we put the burden on our child. In fact, we make our child the means of accomplishing our failures. In many cases due to lack of proper guidance and counselling mostly students feels uncomfortable during their examination days. In our Government schools, mostly students are poor and illiterate families are getting education. There is nobody in their families who helps such students in their study. In their higher classes there is need of a mentor and guide for such students. Moreover in education institutions due to large size of class ,mostly teachers not get the proper time to counsel such students. As a result due to lack of individual attention these students feels problem in their self study with proper management of time. Sometime due to the introvert and shy nature of students, they feel stressful and in trouble in their learning process. Sometime due to far flung location of their schools these students donot get the proper time for their preparations. As a result during examination days such categories of students feels a psychological pressure. In this year due to COVID pandemic this problem is more prevalent. Due to lockdown like scenario in the entire nation students couldn’t get the proper chance to attend their routine classes. However, different virtual and online teaching were organised for teaching learning process. But this was a new initiative of its kind .Now the question is that how can students get rid from this psychological pressure of exams. There are different ways and methods by which we can minimise the problem of psychological pressure from students mind. There is need of proper guidance and counselling from teachers at the time of need for such students. A students can adopt various stress releasing activities in its life to minimise this depression and pressure of examination days. Yoga, meditation, listening to music, proper sleep, balanced diet and motivation therapy can reduce the burden of exams from the minds of students. Moreover, the contribution of parents of children is also very important to solve this problem. Parents should avoid the culture of comparison between their children with their relative. We must keep in mind that no two individuals are alike in their traits in this world. There is difference of once potentialities, calibre, interest, level of learning etc. Students must also keep in mind that we are not chasing someone in exam. We just have to prove our ability and hard work. Instead of giving more focus during examination days, we must make plan for our study for the whole year. It is better to plan your study in a smart way rather to look like a book worm during examination days. We should also take the exam as a part of the general classroom process. We should keep in mind that it is not a Herculean task. Now a days it is not difficult to arrange the different study materials. Before the exams we can practice different mock test and model papers. This strategy can help us in relieving the phobia and stress of exams. Moreover by practising such strategies one can easily accustomed with the pattern and designing of final papers. Students can also take help from their friends in making the plan of study. Mind maps and images of information can also helps a lot in memorising the difficult formulas and other content. Student must keep in mind that not everyone studies the same way. There is different style and techniques of study. Never copy the style and techniques of others. Enjoy your own comfortable style and techniques of study. Only with the collaboration of all i.e., parents, teachers and peer groups we can solve this trivial issue from the minds of students. It is only a self generated fear, which creates disturbances in the minds of students during their crucial hours of life. With the strong will power, determination and smart planning we can get rid from this psychological barrier.
Shyam Sudan


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