Essence of enlightened living


Life is full of surprises and each surprise is a gift from the unknown. We can’t experience a surprise as a gift as our minds are filled with preconceived notions. These pollute our experience and hence, we lose the wonderful experience of surprise.
We feel bored and this boredom happens because we take life for-granted and are indifferent to its mysteries. Learn to train your eyes to see the miracle of life. Is it not a miracle to see when the sun rises, the birds start chirping? Is it not a miracle to see the seed becoming a tree and from the tree, seeds are born … and the process continues? In the finite seed, the infinite possibility is hidden.
Those who don’t take life for granted will have a child-like innocence and you’ll find them participating in the movement of life with grace and joy. For them success and failure become points of celebration rather than points of frustrations.
How’s it possible to celebrate success and failure? The ordinary paradigm is when you’re successful there’s greed to be more successful. This greed makes you look at the other as a threat and a competitor. When there’s failure, instead of learning from failure you whip yourself with self-pity. One could celebrate one’s failures as opportunities to learn. So, when you’re successful, celebrate your success and don’t fill that moment with greed but with joy. Include planning of what actions you should take. Planning’s not part of greed but of wise living.
When success and failure come, see the surprise. See how many variables have contributed to it. Don’t lose the quality of being surprised. The moment wonderment is dead you’re dead. In every moment, bring the quality of surprise and embrace each moment with this energy. Then you’ll be able to celebrate success and failure.
What constitutes the soul of enlightened living? First, understand that truth wins and not lies. Second, hurt or upset whether you justify it or not, is self-damaging. Third, see opportunity in difficulty and not difficulty in an opportunity.
Fourth, see every experience and situation as messages from the divine. Learn to operate from infinite possibilities. Next step is finding out, ‘Who am I?’
Observe the ‘self’. Then you’ll find that the self or the soul is not just the body, or mind but a space, in which the body and mind exists. This inner space takes the form of the body and thoughts. Similar to the space in a room appears to be limited by the room but room exists in space. So too, body exists in this inner space.
To experience this more deeply start by asking, ‘Who is in?’ It’ll lead you to a new awareness of your state of being. If your state of being is restless, then you make it restful. This discipline will lead you to a bigger question to ‘Who am I?’
It will lead you to an understanding that your ego is blocking the bigger picture of who you are.
Swami Sukhabodhananda