Ensure sports infra in rural areas


Dear Editor,
I am of the view that God has instilled in every person one or the other special quality. Being a teacher I have seen many students who are weak in studies but their performance in different types of sports is commendable. The level of sports has become very high nowadays and with Government promoting sports infrastructure and sportsmen it becomes important that we should provide opportunity to all the youth for showing their talent.
Many private schools are equipped with state-of-the-art playgrounds etc. for the students to raise the standard of sports. But if you look at the students studying in government schools of rural areas, they have neither good coaches, nor sports equipments and nor good playgrounds.
Due to one or the other reasons, the skill of many talented players remain suppressed. Now the question arises what can be the solution?
We all know from the current situation that it is pointless to have any hopes from sports deptt. but still the Government has to pay attention to make sure there is a playground in every village school.
The Government or the sports department need to ensure existence of playgrounds in every village. If there is a playground in every village, it will have many benefits, such as creating interest in sports among youth, thereby getting rid of habit of spending time on mobile. Youngsters will stay away from bad company. Playing together on the playground will also enhance harmony among communities. Young players will develop a competitive spirit, which will make them work harder and a better player will emerge.
In view of many other such benefits, Government should ensure a playground in every village. I will not hesitate to highlight that many times grants are given by sports department for the promotion of sports in the villages but instead of focusing on the development of sports, they went into pockets of officials.
Therefore, in order to bring players to lime light, it is necessary to first build good playgrounds and provide proper sports infrastructure. Governments, Sports Institutions and Sports Departments should ensure that the funds or other facilities provided by the Government for the development of sports are used only for the development of sports.
Now with the abrogation of Article 370 there is hope that now centre’s schemes will be implemented here and youth will get a platform to showcase their talent.
Through your esteemed daily, I would request the LG to pay attention towards the implementation part as here in J&K we always fail in implementation due to which our youth suffers.
Rameshwar Sharma,