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End political reservation to annihilate caste system: JKRCEA


JAMMU: Jammu & Kashmir Reserved Categories Empowerment Alliance (JKRCEA) has urged Central Government through LG to end political reservation for SC, STs for large scale annihilation of caste besides implementing all Constitutional rights for SC, ST, OBCs in J&K UT including reservation in promotions as promised by BJP government through number of press briefings and advertisements.
Speaking during a largely attended Press Conference held along sidelines of Youth Conference, the JKRCEA leaders said that while abrogating Article 370, the Prime Minister and Union Home Minister promised for overall development of J&K including SC, ST, OBCs with a plea that entire Indian Constitution shall be implemented in J&K.
Mohinder Bhagat (General Secretary JKRCEA) said that it was dream of Constitution makers and Nation Builders to annihilate caste system from India and make it an egalitarian society but continuation of political reservation, beyond its sanction for initial 10 years only, has led to caste strengthening and caste compartmentalisation instead of making India a Casteless Society for overall progress of all.
Prof G L Thapa (President JKRCEA) said that propaganda has been created by anti-SC/ST people that employment reservation should be economic based and not caste-based, but they never talk of annihilating caste system.
Sham Lal Basson, (Member Presidium JKRCEA) said that there is overall unrest and sense of betrayal in country.
“We are with farmers of the country who are real bread earners for common masses and it is unfortunate that government is treating them shabbily. Government must withdraw all anti-farmers laws and reframe them as per suggestions of farmer unions,” he asserted.
Others present on the occasion included Prof Kali Dass, Abdul Majid Malik, Bodh Raj Bhagat, M L Banalia, Pawan Bhagat, R C Bhasin, Surinder Dewgowda, T C Bavouria, M R Bangotra, Shashi Verma, Som Raj Taroch, G L Rahi, Bodh Raj Banalia, Kewal Krishan Fotra, Darshan Mehra, Gurmeet Singh Labana, Bharat Hans, Sachin Bhagat, Manohar Lal, Bahadur Lal, Dr Vijay Shivgotra, Romesh Kumar, Romesh Lal, Vikas Kalsi, Jagdish Verma, Shashi Kumar, Balkar Singh, Raj Kumar Chalotra, Manoj Kumar, Anurag Khullar, Rakesh Attri, Sohan Badgal, Sunita Bangotra, Vipan Kumari, Sonia Verma, Baldev and Des Raj Sangral.




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