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Employees resent Govt decision on retirement age

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JAMMU: To express resentment besides discussing repercussions of Government order regarding 22 years of service or 48 years of age, an emergency meeting of Government Employees Joint Action Forum (GEJAF) as held on Monday under the chairmanship of Ganesh Khajuria. The meeting was attended by representatives of more than 20 unions/ federations of employees.
The employee representatives said that there is an environment of fear and uncertainty amongst all employees as relevant clause 226 of CSR has already been a tool in hands of political establishment and bureaucracy, which targeted poor employees merely to score political goals in the past. “Employees had one appealing forum i.e., court against any such victimisation. It is astonishing and dictatorial on part of Government to issue such an order that too at this juncture when it had promised better deal for employees of Union Territory,” they added. All the leaders unanimously decided to lodge protest against the amendment in service related clause of CSR without taking stakeholders onboard. They appealed to all employees to tighten their belts to fight against this controversial amendment. They further urged all remaining leadership of employees to rise to the occasion and attend a meeting on November 3, 2020 at Green Belt Park, 2 PM sharp to have broader discussions besides finalising future course of action. The employee leaders present during the meeting included Sushil Soodan Medical Employees Federation, Suresh Sharma PSU, Ganesh Chaturthi JKTF, Surat Singh Toofani, Kuldeep Bandral, Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Nazir Ahmed Bhat Excise & J&K State Taxes Employees Association and Member of Central body JKADCSA (Ministerial Federation), Moulvi Nazir Ahmed, J&K ITI Employees United Front, Darshan Sharma, Ravinder Singh, J&K Plus Two’ Lecturers United Front; Rajinder Kumar JDA, Ashish Sharma R&B Employee Union, Subhash Chander PHE Employees Federation, Balvandar Raj PHE, Davinder Singh PHE, Mohd Mushtaq PHE, J S Jamwal PHE, Roop Lal Education Officers Association, Gurmeet Singh PDD, Sunny Sadhu, United Class-IV Forum, Hanish Sharma United Class-IV Forum, Manjit Singh Contingent Paid Worker and Suresh Sharma.

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