Earlier ‘Kisan’, now ‘Jawan’ betrayed by BJP: Nimrandeep



JAMMU: Yuva Jat Manch Bharat (YJMB) has slammed BJP led Government for betraying armed forces with its proposal to reduce pension entitlements for personnel, who have served for less than 35 years. In a statement issued here, Nimrandeep Singh, President YJMB J&K, accused BJP Government of betraying armed forces with a proposal to reduce pension entitlements for personnel, opting for premature retirement as per sources. He said that armed forces put themselves on line of fire in testing conditions to protect the country, yet their very right has been denied to them. “Earlier ‘Kisan’ was betrayed and now ‘Jawan’ is being betrayed by BJP led Government. This party has been faking nationalism,” J&K President of Yuva Jat Manch Bharat added. “Slogan of BJP that nation is indebted to martyrs proved to be bogus and fake. It shows that BJP has been propagating fake nationalism and patriotism,” he asserted.


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