Dwivedi releases book ‘Think Positive and Big’ in Jammu



JAMMU: Commissioner Secretary General Administration Department and Mining Department, MK Dwivedi on Friday released a book titled “Think Positive and Big” by Ajay Vaid and co authored by Brig. Vijay Sagar Daman (retd.) here at Civil Secretariat.
While congratulating the author, Dwivedi said that he found the book most relevant in present scenario where COVID-19 has severely impacted the physical and mental well-being of society.
The book gives great insights to these problems and suggests the remedial measures also.
Sharing the details about the book, Ajay Vaid stated that the book ” Think Positive and Big” is based on the new outlook and ideas about tackling the pressure and stress faced by people in different situations.
He said that due to the pressure at work places and at home, people are suffering from anxiety, depression and emptiness in their lives and losing enthusiasm and optimism. Due to unprecedented COVID situation, many private job holders have lost their jobs, he said.
He added that business sector is also facing losses and people below middle class in far flung areas too have suffered immensely. Cases of suicide and thefts have increased tremendously.
The book touches all these topics and gives insights about the positive thinking and mental well-being, he said.
Rohit Sharma, Addl. Secretary GAD and other officials were also present on the occasion.