Don’t under estimate power of Kissan: Sahni



JAMMU: Shiv Sena Bala Saheb Thackeray Jammu and Kashmir unit continued its full support to the farmers movement and are on one day fast today.
Dozens of Shiv Sainiks, led by party President UT J&K, Manish Sahni, supported the demand to repeal the agricultural bills, sit on a hunger strike at Shiv Sena office here today.
Sahni said in his addressing that BJP leaders proved to be failed on every front to discredit the farmers’ movement.
He said that Prime Minister Honorable Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of another Parliament House @1000 crores and buy a airplane for himself @ 8400 crores, public hard-earned money is spent like water but not willing to give benefit to farmers and legislate on MSP.
Sahni said that the ‘Annadata’ of the country is on the streets in the bitter cold for the last 19 days. Sahni said that they are unable to understand the government’s compulsion to completely withdraw the agricultural laws and guarantee the MSP.
Meenakshi Chibber, Vikas Bakshi, Romesh Gupta, Geeta Rani, Bhuri Singh, Sanjeev Soodan, Dimple, Rajat Baloria, Sudesh Kumari, Vijay Manwal and Arun Singh were present.


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