Dogri song ‘Jammu De Loko Dikho’ released



JAMMU: Dogri got its rightful recognition after getting included in 8th schedule of Parliament and is now being popularised by the sons of Duggar. In one such attempt, son of soil, Rajesh Sharma, who is presently working as a Territory Manager with Bharat Petroleum in western UP, attempted to bring laurels by writing and singing a Dogri song ‘Jammua De Loko Dikho’. Though efforts of depicting Dogra culture have become popular among masses by the people associated with art and culture, but this attempt of writing and singing a Dogri song by a working corporate executive is really a unique initiative.
In a function held at K L Sehgal Hall on Saturday, this song was released by Dogra bureaucrats of J&K namely B R Sharma, Chairman PSC and Sanjeev Verma, Commissioner Secretary, Forests & Ecology Department. Editor-in-Chief STATE TIMES, Raj Daluja along with other prominent persons present on the occasion.
While Rajesh Sharma described having written this song on three fronts i.e., Dogra cuisines, spirituality and people of Jammu, Sanjeev Verma stressed on the need of preserving the language through similar attempts by youngsters. He also informed the gathering that Dogri has a significant history, going back to Vedic times and is quite close to Sanskrit as it is abstract of Sanskrit only.
Speaking on the occasion, B R Sharma said that we, as a community, must feel honoured to remain connected with our roots and nothing is better than to start speaking Dogri with our children first, as charity always begins from home. The song has been composed by Deepak Kumar, who is also known as Kishore Da of Jammu. Other prominent people who also spoke on the occasion included Vijay Sambyal, former Director All India Radio; Vijaya Thakur and famous singer Suraj Singh.