Dogri-our pride, preserve it: Rana



BAJALTA: Strongly pitching for use of the mother tongue of proud Dogri in regular day to day interactions, National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana on Tuesday exhorted intelligentsia to work out a multi-pronged strategy to sustain and promote the sweet language of the Duggarland.
“We owe it to posterity to preserve Dogri and bequeath it to future generations with a sense of pride”, the Provincial President said in his inaugural observations at a literary function, organized by Dogri Sahitya Sabha at Pargalta here this morning, adding that any laxity on this count cannot be forgiven.
Rana observed that the death of language amounts to the death of the soul, adding, “Intelligentsia, artists and folk singers therefore, have to play a pivotal role in restoring the pristine glory of this rich language in the larger interest of bringing Dogras together, irrespective of religion, region and caste”.
Prominent among those present in the literary event were Subash Sumbria, Chairman Dogri Sahitya Sabha, Ashok Sharma President, Dogri Sahitya Sabha, Ram Rattan Sharma, Bhagwati Sharan, Ranjay Balgotra, Randheer Singh, besides Ch. Rehmat Ali, BDC-Nagrota, Sarpanch Pargalta, Sarpanch Kanna Chadgal Din Mohammad, Dr. Farhat, Dr. Himani Bhutyar, Mohan Lal Verma, Jagdish Raj Sharma, Puran Chand, Mohan Lal, Dhani Ram and Ashwani Gupta.
“For all of us it may be perhaps easy to deliver sermons and indulge in rhetoric about the promotion and preservation of the mother tongue but there is need for a collective effort to work in this regard”, Rana said and regretted that most of the people are shying in making use of Dogri in homes.
He lamented over the growing trend of ignoring the mother tongue in the mistaken belief of English and other languages seen as a sign of modernity.
Of course, there should be intense urge to learn other languages but not at the cost of mother tongue, he said and hoped that the intellectuals will ponder over these tendencies and work for restoring Dogri its pristine glory.
Rana, however, saw a silver lining in the wake of some popular singers and radio jockeys doing their best in popularizing Dogri by preparing albums and giving performances at various events. Being rich in content and lucid in delivery, Dogri has huge potential of bringing communities together, he added.
Referring to the holding of the literary event, Rana said much onus lies on the scholars, who are conscious keepers of the Dogra heritage and urged them to play their crucial role in promoting and propagating Dogri.
He exuded confidence that harmony and reconciliation can be achieved as a result of reclamation of Dogri language, as Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians were proud inheritors of the Dogra heritage.
The Provincial President reiterated his suggestion of incorporating Dogri in curriculum at every level, saying that studies have shown that children learn better in their mother tongue. It is heartening that the intellectuals are playing their crucial role by promoting Dogri by organizing cultural events and literary festivals. He hoped the organizers would work towards this objective with sincerity of purpose and missionary spirit.
Rana complimented the huge role being played by writers, intellectuals and artists in promoting Dogri over the years and said it is due to their sincerity of purpose that the lovers of Dogri are getting master piece writings that not only depict the richness of Jammu’s glorious heritage but also unfold the essence of this language.
He said languages are essentially to bind the people and the mother tongue can play a great role in this regard.