Dogri literature, writers powerful vehicles for accessing youth of Duggar: Zorawar



JAMMU: Sahitya Akademi New Delhi, the National Academy of Letters convened a prestigious programme titled ‘People and Books’ with Zorawar Singh Jamwal, a Senior Journalist and Social Activist of Duggar Pradesh as Speaker. The programme in Dogri was organised at Press Club Jammu in collaboration with Team Jammu and was presided over by Darshan Darshi (D K Vaid), Convener Dogri Advisory Board of Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi.
Speaking on the occasion, Zorawar Singh Jamwal informed the audience about his passion for Dogri language, literature and heritage, besides delving on the books which has influenced him greatly and prompted him to work for welfare of youth in particular and common people in general.
While explaining aims and objectives of Team Jammu, which primarily focus on eradicating evil of drug menace amongst youth, he candidly admitted about his recent realization that Dogri literature and Dogri writers are powerful vehicles for accessing youth of Duggar Pradesh and to train their minds against drugs. ‘Books’ he said are great influencers; but the writers when available in person could be more effective mind-changers, said Jamwal, expressing gratitude towards Sahitya Akademi for providing him a popular national platform to interact with writers and intellectuals of Dogri in furtherance of mission of Jammu Team. Earlier Darshan Darshi, while introducing speaker on Books and People said that Journalists and Literary writers are almost like twins as both use the ‘Word’ as powerful tool to express free thought.
“Journalism has often been called ‘Literature in haste’ and that it is not for nothing that this year’s Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to two journalists. Stressing the need of inculcating reading habit in public in general and youth in particular, he said, “Mind is a muscle that must be exercised. What Yoga does to body muscle, reading does to mind muscle. The main purpose of Sahitya Akademi to organize such programmes is to encourage literature reading, as language and literature can make the society more understanding; generating much needed compassion and empathy among the people.” The talk was followed by an interactive session where many prominent writers and intellectuals asked questions about issues put forward by Zorawar Singh Jamwal. The speaker not only skillfully explained his ideas about people, books and his social mission; but also acceded to the viewpoints of veterans. The programme was attended by a large number of eminent Dogri writers, Journalists, intellectuals, academicians and members of civil society. A good numbers of youth volunteers of Team Jammu were also present.