Dogra interest sabotaged by self-styled Dogra leaders: Dr Jitendra



KATHUA/REASI: Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh said here on Tuesday that Dogra interest had been sabotaged by self-styled Dogra leaders and that those who had been for several decades hand in glove with “Gupkar” parties like Congress, PDP and National Conference (NC) in discriminating against Jammu and Dogras, were today overnight posing as the “Champions of Dogras” after they had been rejected by the same parties and the leaders around whom they had been dancing as sycophants and henchmen. In a hard hitting speech at a public rally at Keerian-Gandyal, Dr. Jitendra said, those who had been rejected by all political parties and now found acceptability nowhere, had resorted to a desperate bid to emerge as spokespersons of Dogras. He said, it is the same lot who were dancing to the tune of the Congress Party, when Pandit Prem Nath Dogra, the tallest Dogra of Jammu, was subjected to all kind of torture and imprisonment, and it is the same individuals who as a part of the then Congress-PDP government unleashed all kind of terror and force to suppress the Amarnath Land Agitation of 2008 which was spearheaded by Jammuites and Dogras.
When the Dogra Certificate was cancelled, said Dr. Jitendra, the same Jammu leaders who were Ministers in the State Cabinet but chose to maintain a convenient silence, have today suddenly started raising hue and cry over the cancellation of Dogra certificate, less out of sympathy for Dogras and more out of desperation to find some issue to revive their sinking fortunes. He said, today they talk of the legacy of Maharaja Hari Singh, but did not have the courage to utter a single word for all these decades because they were being fed from the hand of Congress Party which was responsible for banishing Maharaja Hari Singh and throwing him out of Jammu & Kashmir.
Making a dig, Dr. Jitendra said, those who are trying to spread false rumours about the poor man’s land and house being taken away by force, they forget that if ever such situation arises then it is not poor man’s house but their palatial bungalows which will be taken which they had built over several acres of illegally occupied land.
He said, the new Land Law, in fact, is meant to democratise the property rights of the poor man so that if he ever wants to sell his house or land, he will have wider choice to decide whom to sell and at what price to sell. Earlier, addressing another rally at Bhaga near Katra, He said, our opponents are accusing our candidates of narrating PM Narendra Modi’s schemes during campaign but the fact is that the candidates from Congress, National Conference and other parties are themselves avoiding taking the names of their own party and instead secretly tell the voters that though they are not contesting on the BJP symbol of Lotus but they are also supporters of PM Modi.


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