Do not fear exams, value free time: PM Modi’s Mantra to students ahead of board exams



New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi told students on Wednesday not to fear exams but to see them as a test to improve themselves, and said social and family environment at times create pressure around students that is not desirable.
He also advised students to value free time as without it life will be like a “robot” and should leave tension outside the examination hall. He noted that the students may have lost a year of their lives during COVID-19 pandemic but they have learnt lots of lessons and true value of essential things.
Interacting with students virtually in his annual ‘Parikasha Pe Charcha’ programme, he said they sometime become over conscious regarding exams and asked them to take them as a small destination in their long lives.
“The fear is mainly due to the atmosphere that has made examination be all and end all of life, which makes students over conscious.

Life is very long and these are just a stage of life. Parents, teachers and peers should not put pressure on students. Exams should be treated as merely a good occasion to test oneself and not be turned into a question of life and death.
“Parents who are involved with their children know their strength and weaknesses. but they at times make children “instruments” of fulfilling their dreams and goals. If external pressure is not created, then students will not feel pressure of exams and their confidence will also grow,” he said.
The interaction, which lasted for more than ninety minutes, saw students, teachers and parents seeking guidance on various issues of importance to them from the Prime Minister.
While acknowledging that one cannot be good in everything, Modi also asked students to not run away from any subject even if they find it difficult, and cited his own example of taking up more complex work in morning when he feels fresh and leaving easier parts to late night.
“My view on trying easy questions first in the exams is slightly different. The most difficult part should be addressed with fresh mind’ and this will make easy ones feel even easier. In my work as the Prime Minister and Chief Minister earlier, I preferred to tackle difficult issues in the morning with fresh mind.
“It is not important to be master of all the subjects even those people are highly successful who have a firm grasp over one specific subject,” he said.
Modi gave example of legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar who has given her entire life to single minded pursuit of music.
Finding a subject difficult is not a limitation and one should not run away from difficult subjects, he added.
The Prime Minister dwelled at length on the importance of free time.
“Free time should be valued as without it life will be like a robot. One values free time more when it is earned. More importantly, we should be careful about avoiding things during the free time that have the danger of eating away all the time. These things will leave you exhausted instead of refreshed. Free time is the best opportunity to learn new skills. Free time should be used in the activities which bring out the uniqueness of an individual, ” he said.
During the interaction, Modi emphasized the need of positive reinforcement and cautioned against negative motivation by scaring the child.
“With the active efforts of the elders, children find the light within as they observe the exemplary behaviour of the elders. Positive motivation augers well for growth and development of youngsters. First Part of the motivation is training and a trained mind precedes motivation,” he said.
In February, it was announced that Modi’s annual interaction with students would be held online this year in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“While we can say that students have lost a year of their lives due to COVID-19, but due to the pandemic, they have also learned a lot of lessons. They have learned the true value of many essential things,” he said.
The Prime Minister also exhorted students to contribute to Vocal for Local’ campaign. He said the he wants the student to pass this test with cent percent marks and make India Aatmnirbhar.
He also asked the students to get involved in Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav by collecting information about the events of Independence Struggle and write about them.
The first edition of the prime minister’s interaction programme with school and college students “Pariksha Pe Charcha 1.0” was held at the Talkatora Stadium on February 16, 2018.
An online creative writing competition was conducted on various topics from February 17 to March 14, for children studying in classes of 9 to 12, teachers and parents.
Almost 14 lakh participants have registered themselves in the contest for the fourth edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha. As many as 10.5 lakh students, 2.6 lakh teachers and 92,000 parents participated in the creative writing contest.
“More than 60 per cent of the students who participated are from classes 9 and 10. For the first time students from 81 foreign countries have participated in the pre-PPC creative writing contest,” a senior official of the Ministry of Education said.