Discrimination against Jammu youth shall be fought tooth & nail: Harsh



JAMMU: Strongly condemning the highly discriminatory and abhorrent anti Jammu employment notification issued by the J&K Govt pertaining to the selection of Agricultural Assistants, Harsh Dev Singh, JKNPP Chairman and former Minister, said that such bias was most unacceptable and would be fought tooth and nail.
“Provision of 136 posts for Kashmir and 20 posts for Jammu region was the most obnoxious act of subterfuge on the part of the present regime which deserved mourning and not mere condemnation. The exploitation and maltreatment of Jammu youth having crossed all limits in BJP rule, the highly prejudicial treatment to them could have earth shaking consequences”, said Singh.
“The deprivation and humiliation of Jammu youth started with the advent of BJP rule in the state of J&K in 2014. The BJP which played a second fiddle to PDP from 2015 to 2018 had surrendered the rights and share of Jammu youth before their Kashmir centric masses only to keep the latter in good humour.
The share of Jammu youth having been restricted to barely 8 to 10% in employment during PDP-BJP coalition rule and thereafter, the simmering discontent amongst the affected youth had reached its zenith and could have disastrous consequences. Only recently, the first list issued by the govt post Art 370 abrogation pertaining to selections in Fire Services Deptt had merely 70 candidates from Jammu region as against 620 from Kashmir. The discrimination against Jammu having multiplied many fold in saffron rule, the NPP would start a massive movement for exposing and deposing the anti Jammu BJP.
Seeking withdrawal of the employment notification issued recently, Singh said that the said notification had been rejected by the educated unemployed as a fraud played upon the youth. It has triggered raging anger amongst the youth of Jammu region in particular. Withdraw anti Jammu notification or face consequences, warned Harsh. Accusing the BJP of maintaining a criminal silence over the issue of heightened bias against Jammu region youth, Mr. Singh said that the Saffron Party had penned down its obituary by disregarding the sentiments of the very youth who catapulted it to power. “The BJP must read the writing on the wall. It’s pampering of Kashmir at the cost of Jammu region will cost it dearly. The lotus shall never bloom in Kashmir”, said NPP Chairman.


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