Didi’s Jungle Raj


Omkar Dattatray

Democracy is all about elections and the ultimate aim is the governance of the country in an efficient manner for the welfare and security of the people. But when democracy is reduced to Doomocracy and Mobocracy, it can appropriately called as Jungle Raj presided by West Bengal’s Chief Minister. Recently, elections were held in Didi’s state and there was unprecedented electioneering and election rallies by two rival political parties-of regional party of Trinamool Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). In a democracy, the gaining and losing the electoral battle is part and parcel of the game of elections and the political parties should accept the election results and the winning party should also take the wining of the election as the part of the democratic exercise and abide by the laws and rules of the country and not indulge in the vendetta and revenge but forget the bitterness of the electioneering and the wining party should show grace and maturity. However what happened in post-election violence has no place in a democracy and the arson, loot and plunder should not happen, but unfortunately what happened in the State of West Bengal is nothing less than Jungle Raj. The post poll violence is alien to a democracy and it should not be resorted and should not have happened but what was witnessed in Didi’s Raj is very shameful and in no way, a sign of shinning and vibrant democracy. The post poll violence witnessed worst attacks on BJP activists, burning of their properties and killing of BJP supporters. Voters of west Bengal have voted in favour of Trinamool Congress and all contesting parties should accept poll results with all humility and grace and winning party should not allow its cadres to indulge in the post poll violence and bring disrepute to the ruling party. Instead the head of the party should not allow its cadres to do worst kind of post poll violence to the extent of the killing of the rival party workers in the mad rush of the post poll violence. Mamata Banerjee should show her presence and not allow the state to slip into lawlessness but deal with the situation with firm hands and give a strong message to the Trinamool cadre that post poll violence will not be accepted in any manner. Didi cannot take refuge and say that the state was in the hands of the election commission and the law and order was in the hands of the constitutional agency. However Mamata Didi is the Chief Minister of the state and she has got the absolute majority and she has formed the government on 5th of May and thus it is unacceptable alibi that the state of West Bengal is in the hands of the election commission and thus she has no role in the law and order machinery. The fact is that she was the Chief Minister during the elections and post election results, she is the chief minister and is required to tackle the situation with iron hands and not allow the state to witness the post poll violence. Since law and order is the state subject and as such Mamata Banerjee should show her presence of mind and not allow the state to be ruled by the goons. Many precious lives has been lost in the post poll violence and it is alleged that the Trinamool goons’ have taken the law into their hands and in the joy and election results they have resorted to the post poll violence which cannot be accepted in any manner whatsoever. The chief minister should rein in the arson creating elements otherwise it is sufficient to argue that the goons have the blessings of the government and the Mamata is to be blamed for all the post poll violence which resulted in death of many BJP activists and is unacceptable in a democracy. The Central Government has done well to have sent a fact finding team to west Bengal as the Home Ministry has taken a serious not of the happenings in there. Since, ours is a federal country where powers are shared between the centre and the federating states but ultimately the state is federal in character but unity in sprit and the central government has all the powers to direct the federating states to deal with the violent situation with the firm hands and even the centre can impose presidential rule in any of the states. But the federating states should see the reason and not allow post poll violence otherwise it is nothing short of Jungle Raj.