Dharmarth Trust condemns vandalism by Employees Association at Ranbireshwar Temple complex



JAMMU: Strongly condemning the vandalization of premises of the ancient Ranbireshwar Temple in Jammu city by some of its disgruntled employees, the Dharmarth Trust today warned them of strong legal action, if they fail to mend their ways. The Trust has approached the authorities and the Police in this regard.
The act of the a group of disgruntled employees led by ex-employees and anti-social elements damaged the property within the Temple complex and also defiled the Temple with banners.
The spokesperson of the Dharmarth Trust said that this amounts to criminal trespassing and criminal intimidation and legal action against them will follow on this basis. He also added that it was evident from their actions that the disgruntled employees have no interest in welfare of Temples or Hindu Dharm, they are only protesting for their personal greed and vested interest. The spokesperson also said that the disgruntled employees are also being led by some mischievous persons who have no connection with the Dharmarth Trust.
In a statement issued here today, the Spokesperson of the Dharmarth Trust said that a group of disgruntled employees and some anti-social elements entered the Temple complex and put up banners and posters defiling the temple. After the Trust removed these illegal banners these employees then forcibly occupied the management office in the premises of Sri Ranbireshwar Temple, which is otherwise meant for holding official meetings of the Management Council.
“These employees damaged the furniture and fixtures in the office complex, thus resorting to vandalism. They also painted the frontside of the office complex, indicating it as ‘Dharmarth Trust Employees Association office’ which is patently illegal,” he said in the statement. The Trust said it has taken a serious view of the incident and will not hesitate in taking appropriate legal action against the culprits. “The Trust has taken this matter very seriously. The act of these employees is against the provisions of the establishment norms and employees conduct rules as well as against the law” the statement said.
“This Act of the employees amounts to criminal trespassing and criminal intimidation and warrants action as per the law,” it added.
The Trust has maintained that some persons with vested interests have been misleading and instigating employees of the Trust for their own personal motives and to create anarchy in the functioning of the Trust which has been looking after the temples in Jammu and Kashmir for more than 150 years.


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