DFSS for making Jammu province separate State


JAMMU: A number of activists of J&K Dogra Front & Shiv Sena (DFSS) led by its President, Ashok Gupta staged a protest on Thursday, asking Central Government to make Jammu province a separate state. A number of protesters carrying tricolor, were seen raising slogans demanding delinking Jammu from Kashmir besides making it a separate statehood.
Speaking on the occasion, Ashok Gupta said that Jammu is being neglected since years and we are being made hostage to Kashmir issue. “Why should Jammu suffer for sins of Kashmir? If there is a Kashmir problem, deal with it separately but give statehood to Jammu.”
He further stated that Jammu is Atmanirbhar as it contributes 80 per cent of share in Income tax, large amount of GST etc. “Entire Jammu province and a region of Kashmir, which has connectivity with Jammu, should be combined. Centre should give statehood to Jammu,” he said, alleging that region has been discriminated by valley-based leadership of J&K since years.
Those who were present in the protest included Abhishek, Birbal, Sushil, Brij, Lovely, Prem, Rampal, Kalu, Vinay, Nanki and Gulshan.