Delay in setting oxygen plants in Jammu: Pranav demands high-level probe



JAMMU: Expressing his grave concern over unabated COVID deaths in Jammu province, District President of Jammu Urban unit of J&K Apni Party, Pranav Shagotra on Sunday demanded a high-level probe to fix responsibility on officers responsible for inordinate delay in setting up oxygen Plants. Pranav Shagotra appealed to Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha to identify all officers who are responsible deaths of a large number of patients during the Pandemic.
Apni Party leader said that it was all due to non-availability of required oxygen and poor infrastructure that the Jammu region is recording a high mortality rate as compared to other parts of the country.
Shagotra regretted that instead of improving infrastructure officers were shamelessly busy furthering their own petty personal agendas.
The Apni Party leader reminded that during the first wave of deadly Coronavirus, officers on record had started on October 10, 2020, that tenders worth Rs 223 crores have already been floated to set up oxygen plants in 37 hospitals across J&K. It was also informed that bids have been received and works would be allotted within a week’s time.
Six months have been passed after floating the tenders but none of the Oxygen plants has been set up till date- which is an indication of the casual approach being adopted by the authorities to improve health infrastructure in J&K.
“Who is responsible for this inordinate delay?’, he asked and demanded that officers responsible for this criminal negligence must be brought to book.
He recalled that in the month of October it was publically announced that all these 37 oxygen plants would be made functional within a maximum time of four months but these plants have missed the deadline.