Defer Property Tax: Kamal Gupta



Jammu: The Nationalist Congress Party JK (UT) President Kamal Gupta on Friday strongly condemned the anti-people actions taken by the government in recent times.
He was severely critical of leveling of property tax on the people of JK (UT) who are already under the economic shock due to corona pandemic in which the majority of population has suffered economical loses.
Moreover post 5th August 2019, he said that the Government has initiated many harsh measures like thrusting of numerous toll plazas on the suffered business class particularly transport and tourism industry which is under hi-cough due to loss of work opportunities.
The people particularly of Jammu region, daily earners and hard working class who mostly gains earnings from livestock are without any special attention from Govt, he said.
He implored upon the govt to defer the property tax for the time being as already public is clamoring due to rise of price of petroleum products which is sure to hit the commoners very hard leaving the people in lurch.


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