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Decision of Gupkar Alliance to contest DDC elections a foregone conclusion: Sunil Sethi


JAMMU: The decision of Gupkar Alliance to contest elections of District Development Council was a foregone conclusion given the greed of power with Kashmir based Political Parties. That prompted the Govt. to take decision for Political Parties based elections of District Development Councils. Kashmir based Political Parties have no principles or ideology but to grab power and that has been their single motive all along, said Chief Spokesperson of Jammu Kashmir Bharatiya Janata Party Sunil Sethi.
He said while participation of Political Parties is good for democracy but people of Jammu Kashmir are now put to greater responsibility of electorally rejecting theses Pakistani and Chinese stooges whose statements are deliberately given to be used by enemies of India sitting across borders. It has been proved time and again that theses so called political leaders don’t hesitate to make statements against National interest and against public order just for political mileage. Chief Spokesperson noted that coming elections of District Development Council will further expose the fault lines of the artificially created alliance as their Cadre had always been fighting against each other and that had been their reason to exist politically. It will be difficult for workers and cares of these political parties to work together rather it will lead to many rebels contesting elections against Alliance candidates.
Sunil Sethi further said that there is new class of political leadership which has come into existence in Kashmiri in two tier elections of Panchayati Raj already held and they are also asserting emphatically themselves and will be real political force in Valley. He called upon people to understand gameplan of opportunistic politicians and to expose them. He emphasized that Bharatiya Janata Party will do well in Kashmir where party Cadre had been working tirelessly by putting to risk their lives while in Jammu Region it will be clean sweep for the party.



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