DAP will ensure Jammu to emerge as one among top developed cities in country: Azad



JAMMU: Saying that Jammu’s potential is yet to be explored in its full form, Democratic Azad Party (DAP) chief Ghulam Nabi Azad on Tuesday said that whenever elections happen and if his party is elected to power he will ensure it emerges as one among the top developed cities.
Speaking at a joining function of several prominent Congress leaders joining the DAP, Azad assured the party functionaries and workers that he will take everyone on board and ensure Jammu Kashmir is one among the top developed UT’s of the country.
“The people are gradually understanding and endorsing our agenda of development for Jammu and Kashmir. The joining of new faces from other parties amply reflects their desire for change. DAP is an alternative force and we believe in change and development,” he said. On the occasion, dozens of Congress’s prominent leaders from Marh and Jammu North joined the Democratic Azad Party.
They include Lala Devi Das, Saudhgar Singh Saini, Ashvani Sharma, Ashok Bhagat, Swarna Bhagat, Bishan Bhagat, Somnath Dogra and many others.
They joined the Party in presence of DAP Chief Ghulam Nabi Azad and pledged to march with the party’s developmental agenda in Jammu and Kashmir.
“We believe the DAP is the only alternative political party in Jammu and Kashmir that can take it out of the present situation. We are quite satisfied with Ghulam Nabi Azad for his developmental agenda since he proved it as erstwhile Jammu Kashmir state’s Chief Minister. So we decided to join it,” the leaders said.
Among those present on the occasion included Maheshwar Singh and others.