Cyber Police saves ailing patient from scammers, retrieve 11 lakh



SRINAGAR: A resident from Ganderbal district lost 11 lakh rupees due to the negligence of his son which he had availed as loan from the bank for treatment of his chronic disease and has to undergo a surgery outside the state.

The whole amount was available in his son’s account who was trapped in currency trading.

SSP Cyber cell Kashmir Tahir Ashraf told, that scammers came in touch with his son through social media sites and motivated him, for which he was promised hefty returns and direct credit to his bank account.

SSP Cyber Police said that “the matter was further taken up with the gateway authorities to ascertain the merchant details. The dedicated and expert financial team of cyber police station Kashmir succeeds in tracing the whole account and blocked the same which was being used to exchange into foreign currency. The gateway authorities were made to refund the whole amount into the complainant’s bank account.”

Cyber police station, Kashmir zone Srinagar time and again is advising the general public not to believe persons who call in the name of stock market trading or provide service by giving advice and making an investment in the share market to get abnormal profits within short periods. Trusting them, do not transfer any amount either online or in any other form as they are entirely fake. Community members have hailed the prompt action of Cyber Police Station Kashmir Zone Srinagar in tracing and saving the hard earned money of complainants

SSP Tahir Ashraf said that during the year 2020 Cyber Police Kashmir have saved around rupees one crore of gullible people which they have lost in various financial frauds.


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