Culture is very important for any community or State, as it includes the rich heritage and values, carried from years, from one generation to another. In brief, one can say that it is identity of any community. With passage of time, many good and bad factors cause their impact on culture. Culture includes living conditions, occupations, customs, relationships, dress, adornment, beliefs, prices, means of entertainment, language and folklores. We can say that culture is a complex phenomenon in itself.
Social media is a medium of communication which helps people to share information. This increases interaction of people sitting in distant lands. They share any information with each other through many ways.
Every initiative in society has two effects, good and bad. Similarly, social media proves to be both beneficial and destructive to the people of the society. Videos presented on social media highlight various relationships. For many, these lessons are also a way to learn. Social media plays an important role in reviving many blurred and extinct cultural forms. Content disseminated by intelligent people on social media also plays an important role in making people aware of many social evils and superstitions such as feticide, drug addiction and dowry. Social media also provides a new direction to society by taking it out of ritual. Social media also connects with dates and festivals celebrated across the country. Introduces history related to them. Social media also connects with ancient history and cultural heritage. It is not possible for everyone to go everywhere but social media allows you to learn about ancient heritage and its history from comfort of your own home. Social media can sometimes be a quick solution to common questions. Videos and pictures shared on social media are all about human mind. Social media represents the public mind by presenting cultural and heritage scenes of heritage fairs, wells, folk dances of young girls, children’s games etc. Pictures, ideas, videos, stories, etc., which are lagging behind in presenting scholarly or print media are also exposed on social media. Social media also makes people aware of the hidden personalities that are needed to guide society. The advent of such personalities on social media helps in alerting misguided new generation and inculcating moral values among them.
On one hand, where social media has a positive impact on the culture, similarly, it has a lot of disadvantages. Videos uploaded on social media which have a direct effect on the human psyche and the human being gets entangled in it. Many videos on social media are related to religion which propagate the religion and play a game with the human psyche. There are a lot of videos that are presented on social media that embarrass us. Social media has created loneliness in human beings. The social media user becomes so engrossed in it that he has no idea what is happening around him. While social media enhances people’s knowledge, it is also dangerous not to hollow out the new generation from within. Children nowadays forget about physical games and play with phones for hours. There are so many things that are shared on social media that one wonders how inferior the person who shares them would be because there are so many things to keep behind the scenes in society. Such propaganda on social media sometimes affects the human psyche, both the unconscious and the conscious mind. Excessive publicity on social media also causes mental stress.
In fact, the main project of the media is to create a human being who possesses the characteristics of a material human being rather than a cultural human being. Taking example of a Punjabi, this intention proves that he is breaking away from his land and his linguistic heritage. To this end, through the media, a life test is introduced into it which is focusing on bullying, disorientation, shame, sex, alcohol instead of rights, hard work and patience. Nowadays media is also our need and habit. The media can play an important role in understanding, preserving and passing on our culture from generation to generation. Social media connects us to international issues and events globally for the progress of the country. There are a few shortcomings that can be overcome to make social media an important part of culture.