Cultural Heritage of Jammu on backseat


Jammu, famously known as the city of temples, is utterly facing a state of neglect on all aspects. And to top these all, the rich and historically cultural heritage and those of untapped tourists potential is lacking lustre. In a sense, it has become a victim of apathy by all successive governments. Oft-repeatedly, it had been in regular columns for the biased and lopsided treatment is being meted out to Jammuites, whoes issues remain to be in silent box.
The flow of funds inch by inch is taking its route to the valley and political structure of Jammu is merely a silent spectator over the years. What can be more ironical of the delicate dilemma accruing from unequal distribution of funds and reciprocally weightage of developments looms large on valley and a meagre fragment is diverted to Jammu as a token of lip sympathy.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has left no stone unturned for abundant allocation of funds for the overall development of J&K which beyond ambiguities is in the top slot in Indian subcontinent. Mr Modi is unbiased and has always made abundant funding for development of all the three regions viz Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. Recently, we celebrated world heritage week and attention has been focused on all aspects and Jammuites are very hopeful as ever before, but unfortunate failures by the successive governments to safeguard some of the most significant historical and monuments echo for development not only for Jammu city alone but around its vicinity sprawling over udhampur, Ramnagar, RSPura, Samba, Hiranagar, Kathua on the hand and Rajouri, Reasi, Poonch, Nowshera and others.
No denying the fact that Jammu is a seat of rich historical background having a venue of dogra dynasty which has so far been remained neglected though projects of multi-hued nature, which have been earmarked and formulated with names and fames, but so far these are in hanging fire.
The Department of Archeology and Archives has, however, initiated some events showcasing the itenary and historically heritage of J&K but these monuments do demands comprehensive planning and further augmentation.
While the Government has formulated several events: Mubarak Mandi palace, Bahu fort and many more forts spreaded over Akhnoor, Bhimgarh (Reasi) Samba, Hiranagar, Kathua Lakhanpur in all conglomeration form a historical importance.
As a face saving exercise, the Department of Archives, Archeology and Museums has organised an exhibition of archival record, natural heritage, historical documents and rare books at Mubarak Mandi.
As erstwhile Prince of Wales College, now named as Government Gandhi Memorial science college (GGMSC), the government here too has also organised events to celebrate world heritage week.
Apart from all these, historical momuments in areas around Jammu including Krimchi, Mansar, Panchari, Jaganu (Udhampur), Ramnagar, Ramkote, Billawar, Bani-Basohli are under the coverage of such eventful celebration. These do deserve their presentation on broader spectrum to enlighten the historical cultural and monumental importance of the Duggar land which over the years has had remained shrouded. All these events in unison shall ensure over all exposure of all these spots in a bigger way. It will boost and encourage the Dogras who are in the fore front on all aspects.
With all the caliber and qualities, why the Dogras are on the backseat. They do deserve to be on the fore front as they are daring and deserving too.


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