Create your own identity


Dear Editor,
Every human being in this world has absorbed some or the other quality or art in himself. Many recognise their art and incorporate themselves into the world’s giants. Kneeling in the face of many compulsions, circumstances lose themselves in the crowd of ordinary people. Bad times, compulsions, difficult times come in everyone’s life. Many do not bear the brunt of their blows and are blown away by these hurricanes and many turn their trees in the face of storms. It’s all about building your identity with the help of your skills, art or hard work. But apart from this there are many other qualities that help us to create a distinct identity I think the most important quality is our smiling face. Bright, positive thinking on our face. Our thoughts, our way of speaking, our way of walking among the people etc. are such aspects that if we have any of these then our personality takes four moons. It is a very common thing that a person whose face is always bright and full of smiles will have the same effect on people living with him. Everyone will want to associate with that person. No one in this world is ready to understand and listen to anyone’s sorrows, most people make fun of their sorrows by crying. On the contrary, the people who make their strengths, instead of embracing their sorrows, rule over the world and hearts of the people. It is very important to have sweetness in our speech and voice. Our speech should be such that every listener becomes a follower of our personality. Our personality should be such that whether we have an identity as a status or not, but because of our nature and behavior we have a different identity around our society and around us.
Harkirat Kaur,


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