Court denies bail to two narco smugglers


JAMMU: Additional Sessions Judge Kathua Kamlesh Pandita on Monday rejected bail applications of two alleged narco smugglers, from whose possession police recovered 4 quintals 70 Kg of poppy-straw.
While rejecting bail applications of Shahid Nazir and Mohd Imran Khan, Additional Sessions Judge Kathua Kamlesh Pandita observed that the menace of drugs in society has taken to the roots of Indian culture and there is no doubt that release of accused in a case of narcotics smuggling involving commercial quantity will leave an adverse impact on psyche of the society. “This court is conscious about precious right to liberty of accused persons, but at the same time the actions of accused persons are also to be taken into consideration while balancing between individual interest and the public interest. The illegal trafficking and trade in narcotics drugs and psychotropic substances has posed potential threat to the whole society as it is eating the very vitals of the society and the menace of traffickers is spreading its tentacles to every nook and corner of UT of Jammu & Kashmir which cannot be ignored. The release of accused persons at this stage will definitely have its adverse affect on investigation of case and society,” the Court observed and rejected bail applications of both the accused.