Corporator Pritam Singh inaugurates lane, drain works at Ward-55



JAMMU: Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC), Corporator Pritam Singh on Friday inaugurated lane and drain work at new Shanti Nagar in Ward-55 at the cost of Rs 12.90 lakh which are in dilapidated condition since long.
The drains are in dilapidated condition since long and the residents especially old persons were facing lot of problems while passing through these busy lanes.
Corporator Pritam Singh while addressing the media appealed the general public to come forward and cooperate with Jammu Municipal Corporation in various development works undertaken by the department within the Jammu city,.
He urged upon the residents to avoid using single used plastics, polythenes in their routine work, don’t throw debris, garbage filth etc in the public drains and lanes and nallahs.
Pritam added that to adopt the habit of segregation of dry and wet garbage at their own level so that Jammu can be made neat, clean, green and beautiful city.
Local residents including Omkar Singh Jamwal, Ratan Lal, Sanji Ram, Yushpul, Ashok Kumar, Sanjay Raina, SK Raina and other were present on the occasion.