Corona epidemic, not less than world war


Isher Singh Jasrotia

The intensity of coronavirus epidemic is so high that it would not be wrong to term it as World War-III against pandemic. During World War-II in year 1945, lakhs of people were affected when Nuclear bombs were dropped on two cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan, which led to destruction of lives and property. The economic experts had calculated loss at that time due to the World War-II, if distributed amongst population, each family consisting of three members could have got more than thirty thousand and it can be well imagined the amount of thirty thousand, if compared as on date, it would be lakhs. Similarly, huge losses were suffered by India due to wars with Pakistan and China, causing bad impact on the economy of this 2nd most populated country in world.
Now, the question is, what is the role of India to contain Coronavirus in the prevailing circumstance, a virus which has taken shape of world war & has claimed lives of lakhs world over. The coronavirus positive cases are increasing day by day. States like Maharashtra, UP, Delhi, Kerala are badly affected as more than lakhs have died, although death rate due to imposed lockdown has decreased.
This virus started from China (the largest populated country in the World) in December 2019. Both the super powers were at their loggerhead and putting allegation against each other. Majority of countries including German held China responsible for spread of this virus all over the world. The role of Medical fraternity, especially the Paramilitary forces across the country is praiseworthy but on the other hand, some organizations played great role to increase spread of virus thereby putting entire country in danger.
Everybody including the expertise in this field, educationists, philosophers were forced to think over it taking into consideration dire consequences of this persecution menace. The economy was badly affected due to the lockdown since all the business establishments remained closed for a couple of months, since announcement of lockdown by the Prime Minister
Right from the day, the lockdown was declared/ announced by PM, all organizations, Educational institutions including Schools, Colleges, Marts, Hostels, Industries, MNS Companies except Banks or ATMs remained closed. The whole community across the country was in depression and worried regarding consequences of s COVID-19, if it is not contained in time. Transport remained off the road for many months except few for the conveyance of essential commodities as ordered by the Government all over the Country.
Doctors advised to abide by SoPs of COVID-19, maintaining social distancing , hand washing staying at Home, sanitization beside other precautions measures are the only measures to contain this menace. Considering the facts and circumstances in the prevailing COVID-19 menace, the educational institutions/schools requested the Government to evolve out strategy and planning which could be helpful to the Govt/ private schools and the public in general, who are sending their children to schools besides making public aware not to get misled by few rumor mongers, who are time & again bent upon propagating and instigating parents.
On March 23, 2020, lockdown was declared by PM, consequently, educational institutions were closed and switched on to on-line education to continue the education even with 2G internet in J&K as 4G was not available at that time. Government at the Centre as well as UT level issued so many orders from time to time to abide by SoP of COVID-19.
From December 2020 onwards, when the Government gave some lockdown relaxations, the virus started increasing. Scientist and Doctors predicted that the 2nd phase of virus could be more dangerous and stronger than the earlier one and will cause so many deaths, which proved to be cent percent true.
In beginning of April 2021, a new variant of virus has emerged as threat to the whole mankind in prevailing circumstances. In our country with a population of 135 crore, it is very difficult to manage and overcome the new virus. More than 4 lakhs positive cases are declared everyday and deaths cases are on increase. The most affected states are Maharashtra, Delhi, UP and Bihar. There is hue and cry all over India due to deficiency of Oxygen, shortage of ICU beds etc. in Hospitals, particularly in Delhi, Maharashtra, UP. With increase in number of deaths, Government planned to vaccinate every person even who has attained age of 18, as earlier it was above 45 years. On the other hand, there is shortage of vaccination, the injunctions are being imported from abroad and the countries with whom we have good relations like America, France, U.K, etc. Now in India, tally surged past 2.1 crore and India became the first country to register more than 4 lakh cases in a single day. As on May 7, 2021, the tally was 4,14,188 positive case and 3,915 deaths within last 24 hours, with top five states being Maharashtra- 57,640; Karnataka – 50,112;0 Kerala – 41,953; UP- 31,111; Tamil Nadu- 3,310. Similarly 3,31,507 got cured and total positive cases were 36,45,164 so far. As per data available, 16,25,13,339 got vaccinated and 19,55,733 got vaccinated on May 7, 2021. The overall positivity rate is 20 per cent in India but in some parts, it is crossing 40 per cent.
RBI has also announced new loan relief measures for small businesses and promised to inject 500 billion rupees of liquidity to support the economy.
High Court Delhi asked Delhi Government and ICMR as to why there was insistence on RT PCR reports to approve requisition for Remdesivir by Hospitals or individual. Court also held that RT PCR test has given false negative result, hence it can’t insisted upon to provide treatment or medication to patients when they otherwise exhibit symptom of COVID-19.