Congress seeks probe in land deals of senior BJP leaders



NOWSHERA: Congress has questioned as to why the alleged land deals of senior BJP leaders were never probed and the government as well the party remained totally silent about such incidents of serious allegations including some former ministers.
Seeking a probe into all such allegations of land and business deals in the public domain against some ruling party leaders, in the recent past, JKPCC Chief Spokesperson Ravinder Sharma said that all those who held public offices at one or other time, are always subject to public scrutiny and accountable for their every conduct especially financial deals. Any allegation about any such personality ,which becomes public must be probed by the government and its agencies and it’s outcome must be made public in the shortest possible time.The people have the right to know about the veracity of allegations about their representatives to maintain faith in the system.
He said various such allegations were levelled against some top leaders of ruling party especially some having served as ministers but the same were neither probed nor outcome known to anyone, rather charges were not responded to in any satisfactory manner by the concerned and the party. Quoting the proverb”the ceasors’s. Wife has to be above suspicion” he said the ‘party with a difference ‘ must ask its such leaders to come out clean in public about any such deal ,before raising fingers on others and voluntarily declare their present and past assets.
He said let law take its own course against anyone in every such matter , against anyone whosoever, he or she may be, irrespective of party affiliation or position but selective actions lower the credibility of institutions and erodes the faith of the common man in the system.
Reiterating that party fully supports any enquiry or investigation against any of of their party leaders, if involved , except vindictive actions to seek media attention , without establishing criminality in the matters. However the there has to be equality before law, which is fundamental principle of law.
Addressing series of public meetings in Siot and Lamberi in connection with DDC elections, Sharma said thousands of common people who are bonfire occupants of state or Nazool lands for decades and were allowed to use or cultivate the said lands, should not be deprived of their rights acquired by them with flux of time and the government should consider each individual cases on its merits and laws.
He regretted that large number of farmers who are in bonafide use and occupation of agricultural lands for long times and were recorded as such, have been extinguished of their entries without following due process of laws at their back which is unjustified.


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