Congress rues lack of development at grassroots



VERINAG: Congress on Saturday held Panchyat Conference at Omoh in Veerinag area of Anantnag District to review the current developmental scenario, besides the outcome of Back to village events and many other developmental issues concerning people, at grassroots level.
JKPCC aiming to receive feedback of Sarpanchs and Panchs held threadbare discussions on the developmental issues concerning people, blaming the Govt for failing to empower PRIs, besides addressing the rising unemployment, unprecedented price hike and may other issues of public importance, which were being ignored by the Govt.
JKPCC President G.A Mir, who presided over the Panchayat Conference and Vice Presidents Mula Ram, Raman Bhalla, Ex. MLAs Haji Ab. Rashid Dar, Gulzar Ahmad Wani, Hari Singh Chib and various other senior leaders of the party addressed the conference.
The Panchayat conference regretted that nothing substantial was achieved, though many recommendations and directions were passed prioritizing issues at village for their resolution, but they met the same fate as other decisions taken in the past and present by the Govt. Mir expressed deep concern over the outcome of B2V events, saying that these have proved to be mere time consuming, whilst the outcome has remained zero given the ground situation, Mir said.
They (Sarpanchs and Panchs) were directly connected with the B2V evets especially PRIs, for which they have been chosen, regretting that people have once again been befooled on so called B2V events and empowerment of PRIs, as that, there was no development to be seen on the ground as guaranteed under Panchayati Raj act, for the fact, these (PRIs) were not being allowed to function freely, Mir said. The feedback received from the Sarpanchs and Panchs were disappointing, Mir said and blamed the Govt for undermining the authority of democratic institutions, which were directly connected with grass root and deserves to be strengthened further rather than weakening them on one pretext or the other aiming to hide its (Govt’s) failures. Panchayats need to be allowed to function in a smooth manner, as they hold the key to development at grass roots, Mir added and questioned as to why the B2V event have failed to deliver after involving entire Govt machinery especially the common people and Govt departments. Raman Bhalla lashed out both Centre and State Govt for undermining the authority of PRIs and emphasized the Sarpanchs and Panchs to rise to the occasion to highlight the falsehood and wrong policies of the Govt.