Congress MP questions Kisan Andolan to be Khalistani & Naxalite Andolan


Prof Hari Om

Not one but a number of disclosures about the ongoing Kisan Andolan against the three Farm Laws introduced by the Narendra Modi Government to double the income of the farmers and ameliorate their economic life. And who made these startling and highly disturbing disclosures? These were made today by Navneet Singh Bittoo, the Congress MP from Punjab. These disclosures were reported by national news channel Times Now on Sunday night.
Bittoo, who today evening was forced to leave the venue of the farmers’ protest, said: “Khalistanis and Naxalites have infiltrated the movement. Rs 1.80 Crore were paid for unfurling Khalistani flags. We were attacked by so-called Naxalites and Khalistanis. We won’t be intimidated by those raising Khalistani flags”.
Bitto took the line that was contrary to the line taken by the former AICC chief Rahul Gandhi and the Congress as a party. Rahul Gandhi and the Congress have been asserting day in and day out that the Narendra Modi Government “have been terming the agitating farmers as Khalistanis and Naxalites”. They also have been “demanding complete roll back of all the three Farm Laws”.
It is the Congress MP Bittoo who today called the bluff of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party as a whole by making highly startling revelations.
The Times Now also reported that a Congress MLA from Punjab, Kulbir Singh Zira, spoke the language of Congress MP Bittoo as well and urged the Kisan leaders to throw out all the Khalistanis from the movement. He said on record: “If they (farmers) want to carry the rally then the farmers should remove those people” (Khalistanis and Naxalites).
Times Now also reported that there were posters at the venues of the Kisan rallies, which induced the common people to join the protests and get money in lieu of their participation. It reported: “SFJ posters say they will pay Rs 10,000 to anyone joining protest”. All this should set the record straight and establish that there are elements and political parties which are out to destabilize the country in the name of the genuine farmers. It’s time for the Modi Government to act firmly and defeat those who are exploiting the gullible farmers to promote their own sinister agenda.


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