Congress holds protest against imposing property tax in J&K



JAMMU: The J&K Congress on Tuesday staged a protest against the Centre’s decision to impose property tax in the UT and demanded its immediate rollback and dismantling of toll plazas to end “tax terrorism”.
The protest was organized by Corporators Ritu Choudhary and Mohiodin of Wards 6 and 7 respectively.
Former Minister Raman Bhalla, Mula Ram, Yogesh Sawhney, General Secretary PCC Manmohan Singh, Hari Singh Chib, and Ex-Minister Garu Choudhary and senior Congress leaders also participated in the protest at Vivekananda Chowk.
Bhalla asked the government to ‘revisit’ its decision of imposing property tax in Jammu and Kashmir since no major economic activity was witnessed in the newly carved-out Union Territory after August 05, 2019, imposing property tax would be no less than a ‘shocker’ for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. People are weak enough to receive shocks and aftershocks as no major economic activity was witnessed here after August 05, 2019,” Bhalla said the people of Jammu and Kashmir have suffered heavily over the years and it would be inappropriate to leave them ‘over burdened’ under present fragile economic conditions. He said that Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha is on record to say the government does not intend to impose property tax in Jammu and Kashmir. Bhalla lambasted the BJP and said .”Mark my words, Government’s decision to impose Property Tax on the public will bring the curtains down for the party once and for all.’ You have been extorting money from the people amid Corona pandemic like a blood sucking parasite. Imposition of Toll Tax followed by Property Tax would further aggravate the brewing anger of the people to catastrophic rage. You will be blown to smithereens and defenestrated from the core constituency by the people”, Bhalla said while taking a dig at BJP. He wondered that how could the govt. impose Property Tax in a fragile environment of J&K where the economy has plunged to abysmally low.
Senior Congress leader Mula Ram called imposing property tax “grave injustice” to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. He alleged that it is part of a slew of exploitative measures taken by the Centre since August 5, 2019. He said the decision to enable property tax was taken in the middle of an economic depression and “soaring unemployment” in Jammu and Kashmir. Property taxes will overburden people, who are struggling to make ends meet”, he pointed out. He said government should come clean on the issue to remove all concerns and apprehension among the people on reports about levying of property tax in Jammu and Kashmir.
Former Minister J&K Yogesh Sawhney said how unfortunate was this that non-locals get domicile’s, Jobs, land, contracts, houses under real estate policy, financial aid under PM package while those who live here will face property tax on own properties.
Manmohan Singh has described the move as a cruel anti -people and anti -poor proposition. He asked the government to desist from levying property tax.


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