Cong speaks for Jammu only when out of power: Balbir



JAMMU: Stating that the BJP has always been concerned for fair treatment to Jammu in all matters and at all levels, party’s Jammu and Kashmir Spokesperson, Balbir Ram Rattan, said that history is witness to the fact that the Congress never cared for Jammu when in power at the Centre or in erstwhile State but suddenly comes out with new get up and starts talking for Jammu and development of this region, which was unfortunately pushed to wall during their times of rule. Balbir, while elaborating, said that there are number of examples when Jammu was given ill treatment and ignored by Cong and NC and how Jammuites can forget that Jammu was never in scheme of things of Congress in particular, when it enjoyed power for decades together.
Citing one such example of how Congress ditched Jammu, Balbir said that this party ditched Jammu and lakhs of its residents by diluting the recommendations of Wazir Commission, which had pointed out disparity in distribution of resources and had clearly recommended for creation of three new districts in Jammu and just one new district in Kashmir.
The recommendations were diluted by none other than Congress government headed by their Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad for the simple motive of remaining in good books of Kashmir centric parties at the cost of Jammu.
Balbir questioned the leaders of Congress from Jammu as to why now, during the DDC polls, they have developed so much love and pain for Jammu and why they kept mum when the recommendations of the Commission were diluted to betray Jammu.
Balbir further said that the Congress has no right to talk of development of Jammu and welfare of its people because this party was in power for decades together but failed to bring any mega project for Jammu in the field of higher education, health sector, improvement in road connectivity, power sector, extension and upgradation of air and train facilities, leave aside how they treated the refugees from West Pakistan, as maximum population of them belonged to the Scheduled Caste community, which is a live example of anti SC policies of Congress.


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