College students organise ‘Bake Sale’ to raise funds for animal welfare



JAMMU: A group of college students namely, Samiha Jain, Nandini Mehta and Jessica Sethi had come up with organising a charity bake sale of homemade baked goods this Saturday, to raise awareness and funds for animal welfare.
In collaboration with the local bakery ‘Sweet Tales’ (By: Jessica Bal and Rishica Dewan) The event’s proceeds from the bake sales are to be given to the NGO, “Save Animals, Value Environment”.
“We wanted to combine our fondness for baking with a cause that would benefit someone. That is when it struck us that so many animals were suffering around us and how the cold in these winters would only add on to their miseries. It made us feel helpless yet hopeful to do something for their welfare.
Therefore, the idea for a bake sale was formulated,” students said. This event, they added, is not only aimed at collecting funds for animals but also raising awareness on a number of concerns regarding the ethical treatment of animals. “We want the people to take with them, sensitivity and understanding for our four legged friends from this event,” they said and added, “We see animals suffering so many times on the roads but we don’t help them because we feel helpless and are clueless about the correct methods to aid them with.
“The NGO, ‘Save Animals, Value Environment’ made us realise the right method to treat them, and if someone feels helpless they should always contact such organisations that are specifically made for their treatment rather than passing by the injured souls without helping them at all. We have created the instagram page @underdog_generation_ through which we will continue to spread this message,” they informed .
“We are grateful to our volunteers, namely, Japneet Kaur and Gurmehar Sethi for helping us with the baking and organising involved in the event. We thank Rumpy Madaan, for giving us all the support to raise our voice on this concern,” they said.


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