Children ignore physical exercise in digital age


Vijay Garg

Digitization is appearing as a good sign in various departments in India. Especially the digitization of education world and boys and girls will be like a boon. It is very important for the generation of children coming in the age of computer and internet to be proficient in it. Children will have to get expertise in this mode to compete at the global level also, then only we will be able to be employable. At present, for the last two years, the area that has caused the most damage after the death of Kovid-19 is in the field of education. Schools and colleges have been closed continuously for two years. The provision of online education has been made in the country, so that time is not wasted. Online education is attached to computer based network. Under this, students and teachers are connected to each other through videos and are also benefited continuously. In this, teachers are virtually present and education is provided at the virtual level itself. Today online education is being provided live video classes, recording video classes, live online education, online test and P, D, F based online education at home. There are many online education in online education. Along with the advantages, disadvantages are also included. The teaching of classes through online education is being made more interesting story interactive, due to which children are paying more and more attention to it. Apart from this, online teachers can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, for example during travel or taking leave due to any reason, can get information related to the missed subjects. With the encouragement of online classes, students can acquire new knowledge, as well as the allegations that teachers are not competent, updated and lack of teachers can also be removed. Anyway, in a vast country like India, there are not enough schools and colleges. With the option of online education, the pressure of decreasing school colleges will gradually reduce and the compulsion in school college admission will also gradually start decreasing. Online education is beneficial from an environmental point of view, it is beneficial from the point of view of corona infection, and is also being seen economically as saving from the cost of transportation. Online students themselves will understand the level of education and also understand what they like and in which field they want to further research or pursue a major degree. It also gives diversity of knowledge. Along with saving time, it also has economic benefits. Online education is very important and effective in terms of intensity and intensity. The information and data collection required for online education courses is fast and is very important from the point of view of diversity of creativity. The availability of the best university schools and teachers in online education is also always there to help the students. On the other hand, many problems are also associated with online education. Online education network is computer based, it requires many equipments which are very financially expensive. In a country like India, online education is not possible for everyone. In a country with huge population, the availability of computer network and mobile everywhere is not as easy as envisioned while planning. There is also a loss in the creative ability of the children because all the information related to the curriculum is not found in the books but they get it through the internet. There is a lack of curiosity in them and creativity also ends. In online education, there is a lack of physical exercise and physical exercise for young children, sports education is given to young children keeping in mind their physical needs, but this is not possible in online education. Regular education in schools and colleges is given in discipline under the pressure of teachers sitting in classes, due to which a equality remains among the students, but in online education, students can openly misuse the internet without any rules. According to Indian and foreign psychologists, online education is extremely stressful. According to a research, after 15 minutes of online study, students lose interest in taking notes and start leaning towards the entertainment side. Online education is also affecting the physical and mental health of children, most of the eyes are affected, very soon children start wearing glasses and lenses in their eyes. But change is a fundamental law of the world, which nation, society and individual will change itself with time, it will definitely go ahead on the path of development.
The transition of COVID-19 has forced the whole world to change its thinking and this is the reason that every nation globally is preparing loudly in the education world for online education. Although the developed nations in this area started taking the initiative of online education much earlier. In the context of online education, it can be said that some challenges exist which we have to overcome and make it very accessible. In today’s circumstances, the benefits of online education are immense. The importance of online education has increased significantly due to the magnitude of corona infection in the digital age. The future of online education is very bright, it can revolutionize the field of education. We have to work hard and monitor for online education so that students and people associated with education can get full benefit of technical knowledge and their mental, physical and character keeps on developing.