Child-friendly examination


Dear Editor,
Since inception of COVID-19 pandemic on this globe we have lost various things in all sectors of life. Especially in education sector there is great loss of academic activities across the country. Due to stagnation in routine class work activities student faces a lot of trouble in their teaching learning process. However various online and virtual session were organised to mitigate problems of teaching process, but without general classroom teaching these alternative method are not so helpful in the smooth functioning of teaching process. However there is no provision of mass promotion for students like previous years. But from this year, education department is going to organise the child-friendly examination system, a new initiative of its kind. There is provision of relaxation in conducting various exam in this child-friendly mode of examination. Various boards has already issued a circular for reduction in syllabi and courses for different classes. However for lower classes a totally child-friendly pattern will be adopted by the institutions to give relaxation to the students in their exam. This new pattern will definitely brings a soothing gesture for learners. This will lower down the extra stress from their minds and they can get rid from the psychological pressure of competition and examination phobia. This child friendly examination system, in which there is no strict rules and regulations, can boost the morale of the children at this crucial juncture. Child-friendly examination although it is our compulsion this time, but it doesn’t become completely based on imitation, we will also have to take care of this. We also have to set some standards in this system. The habit of copying suppresses the talent of children. parents of children should also support in this difficult time and prepare their children well for the exam. children should also consider that it is not an easy task and opportunity for them ,but come to the exam with full devotion and preparation from their side. No doubt the role of parents is very crucial in this time of pandemic. The parents role can act as a catalyst for increasing the performance of their children.
Shyam Sudan,