Chess best option to play while staying home, says Arushi



JAMMU: Top women athlete of Jammu and Kashmir has recommended Chess as best sporting event to practice while staying at home during this pandemic situation.
She has advised young trainees to continue with their practice sessions with siblings and parents, especially during the ongoing ‘lockdown’ and restrictions on movement imposed the Government to contain the virus spread.
“Everybody is under tremendous pressure and the sportpersons are the worst sufferers, especially those who train in outdoor games and need to visit the specialised coaching facilities at stadias and sports academics. Under such circumstances, we need explore the possible options available with us,” said top Chess player of J&K, Arushi Kotwal.
Arushi, who has the distinction of being only J&K women with WCM title said, “Chess is such a sports event that can be played against an opponent on the computer screen. Those players, who are at the advance stages of their game can take part in number in the ongoing events,” said Arushi.
Only J&K player to have won medal in all three formats of Classical, Rapid and Blitz, Arushi further said, “To remain engaged with sports is something important for young children during tough times of COVID-19 situation. So I advise the parents to encourage children practice their chosen discipline and stay active with their fitness sessions.”