Challenging time for humanity


Dear Editor,
Our country is passing through a massive second wave of COVID-19. We are witnessing magnitude of devastation caused due to surge in catastrophic pandemic, reminiscent of dark ages, which is shattering and eye-opener as well.
The tragic reports from social media about loss of 4 lives in a single family, leaving behind 2 small daughters at Ghaziabad is really heart-wrenching and soul crushing.
The need of the hour is to think of urgent rehabilitation of such children by close relatives/ even by those couples, who are looking for babies to adopt them/ some NGOs or adoption centres.
There may be so many more such cases. It would be best to look for families/ centres, where such both children can be accommodated at a same adoption centre or adopted by one family preferably, so that they can live together.
Further, while appealing for adoption it is very essential to follow proper legal proceedings under law & verify the authenticity of adopting persons and register each adoption under Department of Child Welfare Department with proper due diligence of adopting family as per law.
Let us not forget how in such unprecedented times also, we have some vultures among us, who are always ready to fulfill their wicked intensions.
Recently, some reports of selling duplicate concentrators, Remdisvir etc also came to fore, showing how such persons prey on desperate and helpless people, even in the time of crisis. Similarly, certain black-sharks would definitely be eying to take advantage of such adoptions and would be waiting for an opportunity to make quick money from such adoptions. As such, it is imperative to be cautious of such situations, well in advance.
Let us raise consciousness, expose our strengths, overcome challenges with a strong will and determination, inculcate sense of responsibility, humanity, social harmony, commitment and spirit towards social service among people. May Almighty end this virus soon and save the existence of mankind.
P K Mam,